Reboarding to work after maternity leave

Welcome Back Mom!

Returning to work after having a baby is tough. On one hand it can be exciting to reconnect with work life again, but it can be difficult. Quite a bit has changed, and you probably have too. Many women experience this phase as challenging. This is not surprising given the stark change of focus from baby to work. Throw in the hormones, sleep deprivation and changing priorities. And it is easy to see why it takes time to adjust.

Rituals is offering you the opportunity to join the Welcome Back Mom program. A re-boarding course to give you a healthy start as a working parent.

Do you usually set the bar high? So you find it difficult to let go of things, both at home and at work? Do you recognize feelings of guilt around your role as a mother and/or as a professional? Or do you just want to make most of it as a mother and as a professional?

Then invest in a good work-motherhood balance and join the Welcome Back Mom program!

In 3 live sessions you will get:

  • Practical tips and tools to get a grip on your (new) life.
  • personal approach and concrete assignments.
  • Step by step you will create your ideal work-home balance.
  • Online assignments that you can apply immediately
  • Down to earth and in-depth themes.
  • Expert guidance, helping you in this new phase.
  • Community of working moms to support each other.

What to expect?

Each live coaching session focuses on 1 theme:

New priorities
Before becoming a parent we often feel that we will have a child and then get back to your old life and work routine. Only after the baby arrives to discover that our priorities have changed. The old work-life balance no longer works. And we rarely take the time to design a new one. In this session we will create a new compass to get a clear picture of the new priorities and set your goals.

Letting go
Prejudices about parenthood, ideal images from the media and one’s own upbringing provide an endless feeling of inadequacy and guilt. The stress for the working mother is increasing. During this session, you get rid of the prejudices that prevent you from navigating work and parenting in a relaxt way. You discover how to feel in control by letting go.

The ideal week
Early parenthood is constantly subjected to change. How do you ensure that you stay on track in changing circumstances? We put a clear dot on the horizon and create the ideal week as a basis to return to.

Design a new, more fitting balance

Welcome back Mom helps women to combine work and parenthood with confidence and relaxation. In a group setting, you discover how you experience your return, what you need to thrive and how to put this into practice. With this in-company program we connect to the challenges that are especially relevant within the ‘back to work phase’.

The program gives you:

    • A powerful, personal leadership program for women returning from maternity leave.
    • A good start, creating a healthy balance between work and parenthood.
    • Creating an ideal work-home balance step by step.
    • Setting priorities, increasing self-confidence and sharing experiences.
    • More grip in this phase through knowledge, practical handles and tips.
    • Recognition and recognition of colleagues in the same phase: “ah, I’m not the only one”.
    • Redefining your understanding of motherhood.

The dates of our next program:

Tuesday May 17 – 9:30 till 12:30

Tuesday May 31 – 9:30 till 12:00

Tuesday June 21 – 9:30 till 12:00

The practical matters:

  • Welcome Back Mom is designed for working mothers with a baby aged 0 to 2 years.
  • Three 3-hour training sessions spread over two months.
  • You get access to our online environment for additional supportive assignments.
  • You will make a concrete personal roadmap for healthy re-boarding
  • Fully online via our ZOOM rooms.
  • Together with other Rituals colleagues.

I thought I was the only one who felt that combining work and parenthood was tough. Through the program I have come to understand that I am not alone. That already makes a 100% difference. I have really made great strides since then, I am more relaxed and effective.

Ayla (Gemeente Rotterdam)

This program was Life Changing for me. Where before I thought I really didn't have time, now I can finally make time for myself. I am finally taking my own health seriously. And I feel more space to do what I find important. Treat yourself to this!

Manon, project leader

Very nice course that lets you stop and think about how you want to combine work and motherhood. This way you arrange it well for yourself at the front, and that prevents a lot of hassle! All working mothers should be able to do this.

Sarah (Marketing specialist)

It feels like it takes up your time but actually you win yourself back with it. The transition to working motherhood had some challenges for me. i can now make much better choices and don't feel guilty anymore. And it's really nice how Sanne and Lotte manage to create a nice group. I would do it again.

Laura, Teacher PO

We are Lotte and Sanne, founders of Mom Inc.

Mom Inc. arose from our own needs as independent entrepreneurial moms. The impact of becoming a mother and our own (pre) judgments about motherhood meant that we didn’t take the time to take a good look at how we wanted things for ourselves. So we tried to get our work done in the lost hours or sat with leaking breasts in a work meeting because we did not dare to pump. Until we put our heads together. This can and must be done differently! And that’s where Mom Inc. came into being.

Mom Inc. offers mothers and employers on and offline programs, coaching and consults. Raising children should be given an equal place in the work-life balance. The effect: healthier mothers, happier children and better employees.

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